Friday, February 17, 2017

Undegraduate Research

Utah State University's research program is the second oldest in the nation, established in 1975, it is only behind MIT. And at USU you have plenty of opportunities to do undergraduate research, which is unusual in most universities. For example, as a Freshman  you can enroll to a Psychology class where the top students of that class get selected to do research on mice. I am just a sophomore as a Computer Science major, but I already had the opportunity to be a Software Engineer as a Research Assistant. I help program Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Here is a picture of the new airplane I am programming:

Here is the undergraduate research website:
If you want to know more about research at USU comment below ↓


How are you all? This week has been very busy, with school, homework, meetings and events. This Saturday the Dominican student association will be hosting an event called AREITO. I always look forward to this event because I love the performances and the food!
This year I got invited to perform at Areito and I am really excited/nervous. I usually like to go to events and just sit and watch but this time it will be different. I look forward to it :) 
Next week will be super busy because I have two exams !!!!!!!!! Anyways, next week I will post some pictures of Areito :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Late Post - :)


I have been very busy and stressed lately with school, homework, meetings and other things. What I usually do to control my stress is working out. BUT this week has been crazy, I did not have time to do it either. Anyways, this weekend was the perfect weekend because I went skiing and I had the chance to relax for a while. I went to Beaver Mountain (it was my first time) and I loved it.
I was skiing with the perfect weather, the snow was good and the trails were good as well. I really enjoyed my time skiing.
I will be honest .... I haven't gone skiing in a long time and last weekend was my first time in three years!!!! You would expect me to fall at least once but I didn't.
Well I did fell and it was because I was trying to do jumps but that doesn't count as falling. jajaja.
Anyways, below are some pictures of my trip :)



Why USU is for International Students

Hi how are you guys doing!
I am now in middle of school trying to get through all the tests and assignments. It is sometimes tough but worth it all the time I get through it.

Today, I wanted to talk about why Utah State University is such a great college for international students to apply. During the 2 years that I was in Utah State, I thought that it is a really attractive place for international students to study at.

First, Utah State has one of the cheapest tuition fee in the United States. For international students, it is $9,886 per semester. It is almost the half of average tuition fee in US, which is really attractive in the standpoint for international students. And the cost of living in Logan is really cheap compared to other campus towns. The cost of living on campus ranges somewhere around a thousand to two thousand a semester. I was kind of shocked how cheap the student housing was  when I first applied to school.
Also, we have such great programs in school. Our school's Aviation ( Professional Pilot ), Aircraft Maintenance, and aerospace engineering are one of the best programs that I can proudly say. Many of the Asian students ,that I have talked to on campus and gave tours to, were really interested in aviation programs a lot. USU provides the best experience and our aerospace engineering program sent most projects to space than any other schools in US.
And very last, it is really safe! It is one of the safest campus town in the country. Nothing really happens even with your house door unlocked! Safe, good environment for students to study.

Back to school !

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted blog. School was on winter break and we finally got to take some break from assignments and tests. Comparing to summer break, winter break is super short but it is enough time to take some break. For myself, I went over to New York for a week and spent rest of the vacation back in my country, Korea. New York was really fun and less cold than what I expected. A week was enough time for me to enjoy. Had a lot of good food and got to see all the sightseeing. Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and all those good stuffs. After that, I went back to Korea and spent Christmas and New Years. I got to see all of my family and friends. It was really exciting, relaxing and nice throughout the 2weeks.
After all these comes the school again, but it is all good in Logan. So excited about things that I will get to experience this year and all the fantastic snow sports here in Logan. Starting off with good vibes, hope a fabulous semester!

Friday, February 10, 2017

It's chilli at USU but the events don't stop!

This weekend is full of events at USU. We have True Aggie Night today, Basketball game on Saturday, followed by a huge Mardi Gras celebration!

If you don't know what True Aggie Night is, you can search for it on the blog. Basically it is a night where an Aggie kiss another Aggie under a full moon on the "A" and become a True Aggie.

Tomorrow we're playing the Wyoming Cowboys on Men's Basketball. Our Basketball games are crazy fun. A couple week ago our student section "The Hurd" gave away free T-shirts matching the Stadium's chair. Here is a couple pictures:

And right after the game we have Mardi Gras. This year's attractions at Mardi Gras include:
-Hypnotist Show
-DJ Marcus Wing
-Live music by Danger 5
-Casino Games & Prizes
-USU Dance Co.
-Dance in the Fieldhouse
-O2 Bar
-Airbrush Tattoos
-Glow in the Dark Mini Golf
If you would like to know more about this awesome event on campus, here is the link to the Facebook event:

Have a nice weekend, because with all these events on campus I will have a great weekend for sure! Go Aggies!!

This year we have had a "snowcalipse" and I am loving it

Here some pictures of the snow and me skiing all this snow!!

I didn't grow up with snow but I have learned to love it here at Utah State!!