First Week of School - Survival Guide from Areg Haytayan

Are you new to Utah State University? Are you confused about your class schedule? Do you have hard time finding your classrooms since the campus is so huge? Don't Worry! 
We've got you covered!

Set as screensaver
First things first. Welcome! You have ended up coming to a great school that has great academics and a very dynamic campus life. Below I am going to list out several tips that will help during your first week of school.

1. Figure out your class schedule and print it out! One way to make it more convenient is to take a picture of it and set it as your phone screensaver. This makes it easy to use and fast to access. When you are in a rush from one class to another, last thing you want to do is to go through your backpack and look for a piece of paper!

2. Download the USU mobile app. It will make your life a lot easier. You can have the building codes, locations, school directory and a lot more under your fingertips!

Make Friends!

3. Make friends! Meet people from different cultures. Talk to students who have more experience than you do. It always helps, since they know how to do things more efficiently and effectively since they have been around for a while.

Buy textbooks

4. Buy your textbooks. Go to USU bookstore and print out your personalized textbook list. All your books will be available at the bookstore, but make sure to compare prices with online rental stores and see what works best for you!

Aggie Experience

5. Check out the school calendar and TSC first floor where you can find posters of the upcoming events. Try to make it to these events, since this is the best way to meet people and have the Aggie experience.  

6. Clean the Sink at Angie's. This is one-of-a-kind experience! Take your friends with you and make sure to clean the sink if you want to get a cool bumper sticker stating the fact. There are a lot of great places to dine in around the campus! You can find any cuisine you like 5-10 minutes away from where you live. Make sure to go and explore your options during your first week of school!


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