Kateryne De La Rosa (First Week of School)

Hello Everyone!

First a huge thanks to everyone who took to time to read my last post. Today I will be sharing my experience about the first week of school with you all! We all know how exiting, but also stressful moving date can be. So here are some tips that will help you all, specially my future international students:

  • Only pack essentials. Less is more. ( Funny Story: I brought towels, bedding sheets and personal products because I did not know where I was coming, so take my advise- "you do not need to bring those thing." we have supermarkets and all sorts of store where you can get those general products. Don't bring three suitcases like me!)
  • Try to live on campus! you can get to class fast and easy because who doesn't love to sleep? the closer you live the more you can sleep.
  • Contact you roommate before you get to campus. Knowing each other before hand is a great because she is probably planing on bring the same things you are, so if you talk to them you will know what to bring. So you guys will have more stuff and more space! 
  • Un-pack as soon you get here. Do not leave this for later because you will get cut off with class, and wont ever un-pack.
  • Do not buy any major thing until you arrive, once you get to your room you will know better the things that you need to buy. 
  • Make sure that you make tons of friends because they will be with you for the next four years. They will become your closest family! 
The first week of school is one of the most important week of the entire year, specially is you are a freshmen. I recommend that you go to all the activities if you can! Here are some of my favorites and a short description of what us Aggies do!

  1. Aggie Fest Fair: where students come to celebrate the fist week of school. there are carnival games, outdoor zip-lines for the adrenaline seekers, giant inflatable slide, sumo suits fight, food trucks, cotton candy, and a lot more!
  2. Aggies High Stakes Bingo : It is Crazy! You basically play Bingo with hundreds of people, and if you get a Bingo you got to run up to the front to claim your prize. the prizes are super cool like a TV or an iPod. How cool!
  3. 80's Dance: it is a dance where you go dress up as if you where going back in time to the 80's!
  4. Day on the Quad: It is the day where all the clubs, organizations, and businesses set up a boot and you can come, meet them and sing up!  
  5. Football game and fireworks: of course the favorite of all! Join us for a great time at the Aggie football game! this is the most exiting activity of the year! Go support our Aggies and have the time of your life! and at the end enjoy the amazing fireworks.

    who doesn't love the first week of school? because to me it is where you have the time of your life, and where you meet your friends for life! So don't be afraid to go out and experience some of the greatest activities of the year! trust me, you won't regret it!

    Aggie Loves going your way!

    ps: Don't miss my next post next week! It is going to be interesting! I promise. <3

    Go Aggies! 

    Kateryne De La Rosa (Kate)
    Student Ambassador   


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