Tuesday, September 15, 2015

About me - Yuzhen Luo

And so it begins...... at the age of 7.
From one of the most populated country, China, I was exported to one of the wildest country in Africa, Botswana. Eeeeeeeehhhhh Juuuveeenyah! There I was, like a cub plunged into a world of extreme differences, lost, curious, and excited. You may be wondering, what on earth was I doing in  Sub-Saharan Africa? Well, here's a spoiler for you, Rush Hour 4 is taking you back to Africa with a flashback of Jackie Chan when he was 7. I wish..... The reality is that Yuzhen Chan, sorry, I mean Yuzhen Luo had one choice, that is, no choice, but to travel with his parents due to work. Long story short, I ended up in a desert.

Twelve years went by in a blink of an eye - unreal, like a dream. During those years in Botswana, I bonded with their people, their cultures, their traditions, their language, their education, and their beautiful geography and wilderness. Really, a unique and pristine country that is unheard of, untapped, and undisturbed. Check this out to see it for yourself: Wild Botswana
A place I am proud to call home, a place that forged me into the person I am today. To tread on the boundary of two very different environments; born in one and raised in the other, was a stimulating experience that built my character and perception. In fact this mesh of western and eastern culture bread a new specie of Asian.

I could have been a nerdy Asian who dined on textbooks but I chose to dine on the fish I catch. I could have been gazing through a pair of glasses into an illuminating screen but I prefer to focus my attention through my binoculars on a safari trip in search of the stealthy canines. I could turn on my heater when it's cold but I much prefer a campfire. I could battle in arenas of World of Warcraft but my fight is on the sports field (tennis, volleyball, ping pong, field hockey, squash, badminton - just to name a few). I could sweat on the treadmill but I'd rather go on a hike. Don't get me wrong, the typical Asian 'specialties' are still in me, they're just dormant but you get the idea..... I like to be outside.

So far outside that I have ventured into the ultimate destination for college and cultural mix - United States. Indeed a remarkable place with no identifiable culture, but a conglomerate of many cultures - the melting pot. For family and educational reasons, I summoned myself upon the rocks of Utah. Really, from bamboo forests to wild savanna/desert and now rocks - how much more extreme can you ask for? Utah State University! And so it begins......

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