Friday, October 9, 2015

Events on Campus - Areg Haytayan

Utah State University is a great place for those who consider academics as a priority, while taking some time to experience college campus life. Throughout the year there are numerous events organized by student organizations. There are some events that are more competitive in nature, but others are meant to engage students in multicultural environments and help to cross cultural gaps.

 International Student Orientation

At the beginning of every year, International Student Council (ISC) in conjunction with Office of Global Engagement (OISS), organizes an event called International Student Orientation. The main purpose of the event is to introduce students to the school and tell them about involvement opportunities around the campus.  


During the academic year, number of cultural events  are held on campus. Multicultural student clubs hold events where they represent their country. If you go these events, you can definitely try different ethnic food every time and observe performances from different cultures. Diwali is the annual event that is put together by Indian Student Association. There are other similar events such as the Areito from Dominican Republic.

                                                                                    Mr and Miss International

Mr and Miss International pageant is another annual event held at USU. Students can either choose to run as contestants or also just be there to observe. Contestants go through several stages of competition such as video introduction, cultural performance, questions from the judges, etc. Every year one male and one female students are chosen as winners. Miss International receives a crown and Mr international receives ring with USU logo on it.        

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