Thursday, October 8, 2015

Events On Campus - Yuzhen Luo

If you are the academic type of person, this is your excuse to getaway from your textbooks and computers. If you are the outgoing, social, and active type, this is where college is the most meaningful for you. There are always events that you can participate every week. This is past week, we had our Homecoming week - a USU tradition where students are encouraged to participate in various activities that range from street painting to banquets to parades to competing in Mr USU (a talent show); Miss USU will be later in the year :)

Our Korean students started the semester with gratitude as they honored the veterans and missionaries that served in Korea during the Korean War.

 You don't have to be an artist to draw and paint on the streets. All you need is a paint brush and some paint. Our international students charged with our Aggie horns to various destinations around the world only to deliver paint brushes on your doorstep to invite you to join us next year.

 This picture was taken on the main street on Logan (where USU is located). We are all proud from where we come from. How best to show that? We wave our flags and wear our traditional clothes to showcase our culture to everyone in the community. By doing this we make the statement that we contribute to diversity and make a difference to USU. 

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