Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Like I said before there is always something going on at Utah State University, so getting involve will be super easy, and not just only getting involve, but also participating in it will be fun!

The first suggestion I'll  like to give you is to grand the university with the permission to send you emails. This will keep you inform on what's going on not only socially but also academically.
Also you can go to usu.edu then you can click on "campus life," and then just hit click on "calendar." This will  take you to a page that has detailed information of what is going on that day, and also it has a little description of what the events is and what they will be doing. If this is not enough for you join a club or an organization! I'm sure they will have a lot of fun stuff to do for every meting. Some of the clubs that we have on campus are listed at the USU page, here it is the link for it http://www.usu.edu/ususa/clubsandorgs/. You can find the perfect fit by going to this link and selecting the college that fits you major the best. Also an other great way to be involve is to volunteer! If you love to help and believe in karma you should join the service center at USU. The link is http://www.usu.edu/servicecenter/ here you will find a list of the events where they are helping at! Just have click on find out more, on the event that you would like to help, and then just email the person in charge to sing in.

Lets talk about my favorite events on campus! This are usually the Games or the big Dances like the one that are coming soon. I promise I will take pictures of these events when they happen and I will post them soon!

My beautiful international students stay focus but also stay connected! Go to every event and have fun!
                                                                Go Aggies Go!
                                                          Kateryne De La Rosa

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