Monday, October 19, 2015

Get Involved On Campus!

The USU Student Involvement and leadership center sponsors various events and activities to provide opportunities for student to have fun and get involved. Every day, there are a lot of fun/educational events happening on campus, most of them are free for students. So, if you ever need a study break or want to learn and experience something new, you are never out of options :)


As a new incoming student you will be introduced to the Aggie Passport Experience program. What this program does is it organize events selected from these four categories: academic, community, social and elective, to encourage you to become more involved in the university experience.

Okay here is the exciting  part, if you attend the given number of events in each of the four categories you will receive PRIZE(S). You can get money you can use to buy anything on campus and an invitation to a reception at the President's house.
I didn't know about this program until I got to my junior year, and I highly suggest you take advantage of this great opportunity :)

This is what the passport looks like on the inside :)

Cultural events are one of my favorite events on campus, different multicultural clubs put together a banquet throughout the semester to promote and share their cultures. For me, attending these events is like traveling to different countries, students do a great job representing their countries/cultures with different performances, ethnic food,  and more.

Below are some of my favorite events I attended / participated in :) The first two pictures  were taken during last years African Banquet, and me and my friends were dancing the flag dance, proudly representing our countries and AFRICA. 
Annual African Banquet 2014 - Flag Dance

           African Banquet 2014 - Fashion Show

Homecoming Parade 2014 - International Student Council

Homecoming Street Painting - International Student Council
Miss USU Pageant
International Banquet - We are all AGGIES 

DIWALI - Indian Student Association

                                                                   ~HENON GEBRE~

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