Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Live ON campus

Living on campus has gave me the opportunity to easily meet friends my first year of college, and also the rest of the years which is crucial for a freshmen that is new in the area. Every time that there is an event or activity going on I'm one of the first person to know because I live on campus and there are always posters of the activities around the residential halls. Also all my classes are yous minutes away. I love that I can wake up ten minutes before class and still make it. Plus, if I'm late for any class, I just need to throw something on and run to class and still make it, so there is no way that I will missed class.

Studies have shown that students that live on campus:

  • Get better grades
  • The drop out rate is lower
  • Take more credits, which will help them to graduate faster
  • Are more satisfied with their college experience
On campus housing is very convenient. The utilities are included as well as TV cable and high speed wireless internet. Depending on the location of the residential hall other things can be included, like laundry room, big common area with big-screen TV, volleyball court, covered parking, private work out and others.
We have different styles including family housing, single housing that can either be traditional, apartment or suite styles, and also different prices convenient for any student. You can find out more about this apartments at 

Personally from all the places that I've live in I like the apartment style more that any other just because I feel like I'm at home away from home. This apartment has a living room, a little kitchen, a private bathroom, and on top I can get a private room! Don't get me wrong, my first year I had a share room and a roommate, it definitely was the best experience I've ever had, but she left the next year and since to me she was the perfect roommate I was afraid to get a different one.

Something else that I love about my residential hall is that they always have an activity going on! sometimes they have Netflix and ice cream night, pizza night, game night, or other activities for the residents.  

I love being a resident at Utah State University!

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