Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why Utah State University? Yuzhen Luo

As an international student, I get this question all the time "Why USU?" - Here's why. Growing up, pursing a college degree in the US was everyone's dream; because it's prestigious and you'll get paid more with a US college degree (fact!). But why Utah? Family and environment. Family, because my brother pursued his degree in Utah and with his persuasion and recommendations I funneled my geographical options to Utah. Environment was just as convincing as family. Growing up in Botswana, Utah's geography, pace, population, and size was the ideal transition. I wasn't clear what I wanted back then but I knew exactly what I didn't want. I didn't want congested, noisy, dirty, hasty, and restless cities (east coast crossed off my list). Considering my personal preferences (e.g. religion, safety, etc... ) and educational career in engineering, I thought USU was my best fit. It's my 4th year at USU and I am glad I made the right decision.
It's been a very rewarding experience for me in the past few years. Meeting new people, discovering new hobbies, engaging in leadership roles, and challenging my educational goals are some of the reasons that has made my time here at USU most meaningful. Go Aggies!

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