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As a student you have the opportunity to either live on or off campus, Yes! the decision is all yours. However it’s hard to make that decision, when you are in a different country, without knowing what these options are......... Here, I provided resources for you to explore the different housing options so as to help you compare and make that decision.

The USU housing department has provided short video clips to show you what campus housing looks like and provided you with information on where they are located. You can check out these virtual tours at the linkS below.

On- Campus:
Single Housing:
Family Housing:

Living on campus, you will experience student life in whole different level .......
Each residence hall have residential assistants (RA), who are like your to-go person if you need anything. They are like your student mentor pretty much!  RA's plan different extracurricular activates that can enhance your collage experience and help you to make friends with the other students in your complex.

One thing to notice is that if you wish to live on campus you will need to have a meal plan. You will find more info about the different meal plan options on the link below.

Off- Campus: 
Living off-campus is like living at home with no parents. I have lived off-campus since I started school at USU. I currently live with 5 roommates and the house is literally 5 mins walk from campus. Most off campus houses are not that far from campus. Logan is a college town which means its a community dominated by students. Therefore, wherever you decide to live you will always be around students. If you live off campus, meal plans are optional not mandatory.

Use the resources provided in this link to explore more off- campus housing options,

Living off campus doesn't make you less of an Aggie or limit you from staying connected to campus life. 



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