Tuesday, November 24, 2015

International Education WeeK @ Utah State University

International Education Week is the best time for all Aggies to get to know the international student culture and ongoing efforts at USU. This comprehensive list of events represent many cultures and best of all, there are activities for everyone!

If you like good food and performances, Diwali is the event to go.   

If you are a fashion guru and want to learn anything and everything about ethnic clothing, Family Night is your place to be at. 

If you are a social media expert, and like posting pictures from your travel around the world, Photo Contest is what you should check out.

If you believe that you possess a talent that you can use to win a cultural pageant, Mr. and Miss International is the contest you should participate in.  

This marathon of great events is put together by International Student Council (ISC), and here is their website:

Being an international student at USU is a rewarding experience for me and I am proud to represent the International Aggie culture to prospective students!

║        AREG HAYTAYAN    

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