Lets Talk International Week - Yuzhen Luo

International students are an asset to USU diversity. International week started competitively with Mr and Miss International, filled with love and laughter with International Family Night on Monday, and finished brilliantly with Diwali on Saturday. What a phenomenal achievement by the Office Of Global Engagement, International Student Council, and the international student clubs.
I mentioned Mr and Miss International earlier last week so if you missed out, make sure to go back and catch up. Diving in, Family Night is probably one of my favorite. It's all about sharing culture and diversity through music, dances, fashion, food, games, and all sorts of entertainment. The best part - it's free! At USU, we are family. Family breaks all barriers by introducing kids and balloons - unbelievably cute!
Diwali - also known as The Festival of Light, is an Indian celebration for the victory of Light over Darkness. The stage was packed with energy and action, the food was fantastic and the ambiance was victorious! Great achievement by the Indian Student Association and we thank them for sharing their light with USU. Happy Diwali!


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