When coming to USU, the one common thing that every student has to go through is to select housing. The decision of whether to stay on-campus or off-campus can be a very important one. In my first year, I made the decision to stay on-campus in the Mountain View Towers, which is an all male housing. This proved to be a very pivotal decision for me because it helped me to settle into life here at USU. I was able to make many friends and learn the culture of being here in Logan. Many of the friends that I made still remain close friends till this day. You also have the opportunity to be involved in many fun activities that the Housing Department puts on for the students.
I would recommend every student coming to USU to look into staying on-campus. It is a great way to kick off your first semester here and to soak in the life here in USU and Logan. Plus, being on campus makes it easier to go to your classes. And it is very safe too!

Go Aggies!


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