It's Thanksgiving Break!

All work and no play makes everyone dull! Something that every student looks forward to are the breaks. This past weekend was our Thanksgiving break. In America, there are so many different holidays that many international students would never have the chance of experiencing if they were not in America. One of my particular favorites is Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday is used to help us remember the things that we are thankful for. It also gives families a chance to get together and helps to build stronger ties within family and friends. I know that many international students do not have families here. So how do we celebrate Thanksgiving? We have our friends to be thankful for. This year, I went to a friend's farm near Logan to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. I got to have my favorite turkey!
Another thing that we have this Thanksgiving season is snow. Lots and lots of snow! I come from a country where we do not have the four seasons and I have never seen snow. Coming to USU, I was able to have the experience of living in a country where it snows. And when it snows in Logan, we get a lot. So please remember to dress warm and enjoy the beautiful scenery that that snow brings as well.

Go Aggies!


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