Friday, September 25, 2015

First Week of School - Survival Guide from Areg Haytayan

Are you new to Utah State University? Are you confused about your class schedule? Do you have hard time finding your classrooms since the campus is so huge? Don't Worry! 
We've got you covered!

Set as screensaver
First things first. Welcome! You have ended up coming to a great school that has great academics and a very dynamic campus life. Below I am going to list out several tips that will help during your first week of school.

1. Figure out your class schedule and print it out! One way to make it more convenient is to take a picture of it and set it as your phone screensaver. This makes it easy to use and fast to access. When you are in a rush from one class to another, last thing you want to do is to go through your backpack and look for a piece of paper!

2. Download the USU mobile app. It will make your life a lot easier. You can have the building codes, locations, school directory and a lot more under your fingertips!

Make Friends!

3. Make friends! Meet people from different cultures. Talk to students who have more experience than you do. It always helps, since they know how to do things more efficiently and effectively since they have been around for a while.

Buy textbooks

4. Buy your textbooks. Go to USU bookstore and print out your personalized textbook list. All your books will be available at the bookstore, but make sure to compare prices with online rental stores and see what works best for you!

Aggie Experience

5. Check out the school calendar and TSC first floor where you can find posters of the upcoming events. Try to make it to these events, since this is the best way to meet people and have the Aggie experience.  

6. Clean the Sink at Angie's. This is one-of-a-kind experience! Take your friends with you and make sure to clean the sink if you want to get a cool bumper sticker stating the fact. There are a lot of great places to dine in around the campus! You can find any cuisine you like 5-10 minutes away from where you live. Make sure to go and explore your options during your first week of school!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kateryne De La Rosa (First Week of School)

Hello Everyone!

First a huge thanks to everyone who took to time to read my last post. Today I will be sharing my experience about the first week of school with you all! We all know how exiting, but also stressful moving date can be. So here are some tips that will help you all, specially my future international students:

  • Only pack essentials. Less is more. ( Funny Story: I brought towels, bedding sheets and personal products because I did not know where I was coming, so take my advise- "you do not need to bring those thing." we have supermarkets and all sorts of store where you can get those general products. Don't bring three suitcases like me!)
  • Try to live on campus! you can get to class fast and easy because who doesn't love to sleep? the closer you live the more you can sleep.
  • Contact you roommate before you get to campus. Knowing each other before hand is a great because she is probably planing on bring the same things you are, so if you talk to them you will know what to bring. So you guys will have more stuff and more space! 
  • Un-pack as soon you get here. Do not leave this for later because you will get cut off with class, and wont ever un-pack.
  • Do not buy any major thing until you arrive, once you get to your room you will know better the things that you need to buy. 
  • Make sure that you make tons of friends because they will be with you for the next four years. They will become your closest family! 
The first week of school is one of the most important week of the entire year, specially is you are a freshmen. I recommend that you go to all the activities if you can! Here are some of my favorites and a short description of what us Aggies do!

  1. Aggie Fest Fair: where students come to celebrate the fist week of school. there are carnival games, outdoor zip-lines for the adrenaline seekers, giant inflatable slide, sumo suits fight, food trucks, cotton candy, and a lot more!
  2. Aggies High Stakes Bingo : It is Crazy! You basically play Bingo with hundreds of people, and if you get a Bingo you got to run up to the front to claim your prize. the prizes are super cool like a TV or an iPod. How cool!
  3. 80's Dance: it is a dance where you go dress up as if you where going back in time to the 80's!
  4. Day on the Quad: It is the day where all the clubs, organizations, and businesses set up a boot and you can come, meet them and sing up!  
  5. Football game and fireworks: of course the favorite of all! Join us for a great time at the Aggie football game! this is the most exiting activity of the year! Go support our Aggies and have the time of your life! and at the end enjoy the amazing fireworks.

    who doesn't love the first week of school? because to me it is where you have the time of your life, and where you meet your friends for life! So don't be afraid to go out and experience some of the greatest activities of the year! trust me, you won't regret it!

    Aggie Loves going your way!

    ps: Don't miss my next post next week! It is going to be interesting! I promise. <3

    Go Aggies! 

    Kateryne De La Rosa (Kate)
    Student Ambassador   

    Thursday, September 17, 2015

    First week of school - Yuzhen Luo

    First week of school was an official 'welcome back to reality' from where ever we've wondered off during Summer - hence the name "Week of Welcome"
    A fun filled first week of school was certainly a great way to welcome students back as well as introduce the culture of being an Aggie to our new students. As for me, this is my senior year in the Mechanical Engineering program, a president role to serve in the International Student Council, and an International Ambassador recruitment role to serve in Admissions so I had to get down to work! First week was berserk mode for me considering all the roles I had to fulfill. Now that the semester has started, it will only snowball from here - no going back!

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    Kateryne De La Rosa

    Hi, my name is Kateryne but people call me Kate. Yes, as you all know foreign names are complicated to pronounce, so I was given an american name. I am from the Dominican Republic! A little island in the Caribbean where the sun shines everyday and summer is eternal. I am the oldest child of 3 kids. My mom, dad, and siblings live back home while I live here in the U.S.A. If you are wondering why? Here is my answer... I came to the U.S.A to fallow my dreams (like other people call it "The American Dream."). Since I was little I dreamed about coming to college in the U.S. I worked as hard as I could everyday of my life. I pushed my self to be the best at everything I did. I was always in the top three in my class. I went to English classes three days a week since I was eight because if you want to study abroad, you should now the language or at least have knowledge of it. At the age of sixteen, I was introduced to AFS a program for students who want to study abroad. I went through a long process before I was accepted to this program, and finally at the age of seventeen I began my journey.

     I first came to the U.S.A in 2011 as an exchange student with AFS. I was send to De Pere, Wisconsin; where I lived with an american family, and went to De Pere High School (an american school). I felt in love with the place and the people that surrounded me. Everyone was so caring and welcoming that my experience ended up being one of the greatest decision that I've ever made. I wanted to come back!

    Since I wanted to come back, I stared the search for scholarships, and schools that I could go to. Through a friend I found out about a program that awarded scholarships to study abroad for outstanding students. Before I even heard about this program my number one search was always Utah State because I always heard great things about the Biotechnology program. Sometimes I thing that Utah State and I were meant to be because one of the school listed on the college option list was USU. I could have go to other states and other schools, but I stuck with what my gut told me was right. I'm really lucky to be here and be part of the family of Utah State University. I think that coming to Utah State has been so far the most amazing experience and the best decision I've ever made. In the end I changed my major to Biochemistry with a Biology minor, I love my program and my Professors. I am the happiest that I could be doing what I love, surrounded with amazing and helpful people. Here I live in a beautiful place with great scenery, and lots of outdoor activities that anyone can participate in. At Utah State University I'm living the life.


    Selam/ Hello everyone :)

    My name is Henon Gebre and I am an international student here at Utah State University from Ethiopia. I am majoring in Public Health Education with a minor in Biology and Sociology. 

    Throughout the rest of the year I am going to be blogging about my experiences as a student, giving you all a general idea of what it's like to be an AGGIE, including several things you can do in Logan, Utah. 

    However, I want to tell you a little bit about me so that you don’t feel like everything I am saying is coming from a complete stranger. I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and lived there my whole life before coming to the United States. For those of you who don’t know where Ethiopia is, it is a beautiful country on the horn of Africa. I can go on and on and on talking about my Ethiopia but I won’t for the purpose of this blog. I came to the U.S. for school, right after I graduated from High school. Back when I was in high school, I haven’t taught about what I wanted to study in college but I knew the importance of higher education. The process of finding the career I want to pursue in the future was rather intimidating but I started by simply asking myself what I am most passionate about and where I want to be few years down the road. One thing I knew was that I wanted to help people live a better life. Living in Ethiopia, I have witnessed the two extreme ways of life in a developing country. There were those that had so much and those that barely had anything to get through the day. I come from a middle class family and growing up, my parents provided me with everything I needed and more. Yet, I kept thinking about those who don’t have the means to better themselves, and how I can help make a difference in their lives. After exploring different options, I have come up with the conclusion that I want to go into the field of Public Health as it allows me make an impact in people’s lives.

    Then I started looking in to schools that have great public Health programs, and that’s when I decided to study abroad. I will talk about why I chose Utah State University among others and why I decided to come to America in a different blog :)

    I am going to finish today’s blog by telling you three random things about me: 

    1) I love coffee, now you know why my favorite dessert is Tiramisu!

    2) I love to travel! Since I came to the U.S., I had the opportunity to visit 15 states: California, Washington, D.C, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Utah (duh) 

    3) I still haven’t went skiing or snowboarding, which is one of many reasons why people choose to come to the Utah

    I hope you know me a little better now! Please comment below if you have any questions or anything you would like to know about Utah State University or living in Utah.

    Be on the look out for my next blog, until then, take care :)