Monday, November 30, 2015

Apply for Housing!

As a student you have the opportunity to either live on or off campus, Yes! the decision is all yours. However it’s hard to make that decision, when you are in a different country, without knowing what these options are......... Here, I provided resources for you to explore the different housing options so as to help you compare and make that decision.

The USU housing department has provided short video clips to show you what campus housing looks like and provided you with information on where they are located. You can check out these virtual tours at the linkS below.

On- Campus:
Single Housing:
Family Housing:

Living on campus, you will experience student life in whole different level .......
Each residence hall have residential assistants (RA), who are like your to-go person if you need anything. They are like your student mentor pretty much!  RA's plan different extracurricular activates that can enhance your collage experience and help you to make friends with the other students in your complex.

One thing to notice is that if you wish to live on campus you will need to have a meal plan. You will find more info about the different meal plan options on the link below.

Off- Campus: 
Living off-campus is like living at home with no parents. I have lived off-campus since I started school at USU. I currently live with 5 roommates and the house is literally 5 mins walk from campus. Most off campus houses are not that far from campus. Logan is a college town which means its a community dominated by students. Therefore, wherever you decide to live you will always be around students. If you live off campus, meal plans are optional not mandatory.

Use the resources provided in this link to explore more off- campus housing options,

Living off campus doesn't make you less of an Aggie or limit you from staying connected to campus life. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

International Education WeeK @ Utah State University

International Education Week is the best time for all Aggies to get to know the international student culture and ongoing efforts at USU. This comprehensive list of events represent many cultures and best of all, there are activities for everyone!

If you like good food and performances, Diwali is the event to go.   

If you are a fashion guru and want to learn anything and everything about ethnic clothing, Family Night is your place to be at. 

If you are a social media expert, and like posting pictures from your travel around the world, Photo Contest is what you should check out.

If you believe that you possess a talent that you can use to win a cultural pageant, Mr. and Miss International is the contest you should participate in.  

This marathon of great events is put together by International Student Council (ISC), and here is their website:

Being an international student at USU is a rewarding experience for me and I am proud to represent the International Aggie culture to prospective students!

║        AREG HAYTAYAN    

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lets Talk International Week - Yuzhen Luo

International students are an asset to USU diversity. International week started competitively with Mr and Miss International, filled with love and laughter with International Family Night on Monday, and finished brilliantly with Diwali on Saturday. What a phenomenal achievement by the Office Of Global Engagement, International Student Council, and the international student clubs.
I mentioned Mr and Miss International earlier last week so if you missed out, make sure to go back and catch up. Diving in, Family Night is probably one of my favorite. It's all about sharing culture and diversity through music, dances, fashion, food, games, and all sorts of entertainment. The best part - it's free! At USU, we are family. Family breaks all barriers by introducing kids and balloons - unbelievably cute!
Diwali - also known as The Festival of Light, is an Indian celebration for the victory of Light over Darkness. The stage was packed with energy and action, the food was fantastic and the ambiance was victorious! Great achievement by the Indian Student Association and we thank them for sharing their light with USU. Happy Diwali!

A visit to international high schools - Yuzhen Luo

As an international ambassador, it is our responsibility to build and reinforce the bridges between high school and college. Last week was my first time as I had the opportunity to visit three different high schools, namely, Snow College, Selnate International School, and Wasatch Academy. These high schools were located just about two hours drive from Logan (trust me, the drive was beautiful - see picture for yourself). These visits consist of giving free USU stuff, building better relationships with professionals and teachers, and sitting in a student panel. The goal of these visits was to share our experience as Aggies (or Utah State University students) and excite them for what it's like to be at USU. As for me, when interacting with the high school students, I spoke from the heart. I can vividly recall about 4 years ago, I was in their exact same position, same state of mind, with the same questions; what to do, how to do it, and where to go next?
To answer these questions, we present our best knowledge in areas of academics, sports, residence life, outdoor recreations, clubs and organizations etc etc....  Our influence on these students can impact them for the rest of their lives. It's a win-win situation for all of us and we definitely look forward to future high school visits and welcoming new Aggies to USU.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

International Education Week - Mr and Miss International - Yuzhen Luo

It's time! Time for international students to showcase their cultures and celebrate diversity on campus. This year, the International Student Council (ISC) kick started the week with Mr. and Miss International Pageant. Mr and Miss International  is a tradition that is well preserved by the international student body and this year was no exception. It involves students with international cultures or heritage to demonstrate their unique cultures through videos, performances, and questions and answers. Contestants are evaluated by judges and at the end of the night we crown a new Mr. and International. This year we congratulate  Mr India and Miss Dominican Republic for their outstanding performances and representations of their cultures. Without further due, let's take you to the fun part! Remember, this is just the beginning.....