Friday, January 29, 2016

Favorite Hangout in Logan, UT

Here at Utah State University, it is important to spend time on your studies. However, school and education will not be your one and only responsibility. Students also have time to spend with friends and do whatever they like.

I like to spend my free time checking out local cafes and restaurants with my dear ones or close friends. Fortunately enough, there is a great local cafe/crepery that satisfies my expectations.

The Crepery 

My personal favorite is their Nutie Fruity. It is a great combination of strawberries and Nutella. Every time I overcome some sort of a challenge such as a hard test or lengthy project, I make sure to treat myself with a Nutie Fruity and a cup of good coffee.

It is also a great place to study, write a paper or even to go on a date. It has a great back patio that has a great view to Logan River. For all of you Instagrammers and Pinteresters  out there, this is an incredible place to take impressive pictures. Make sure to check it out!

Here is a quick video. Check it out!

Brought to you by Areg Haytayan from Armenia

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