My USU fav5

My favorite five things about USU are:

  1. The campus is located in beautiful Cache Valley. No matter what season we are in; it is always beautiful on campus.
  2. Every building is just five minutes away from each other, so you can always get on time to class. Not only this, but if you live on campus is very easy to get to class fast. For example: I live in Richards hall and it only takes me ten minutes to get to class, and sometimes even five minutes if my class is in a closer building.  
  3. I Love living on campus because it has so many pros like:
  •  You get all utilities, cable TV, and wireless internet access included on you housing payment. The facilities are equipped with laundry room and you can do laundry for free! Some of the facilities also have exercise machines, so you don't have to go to the gym in the cool weather (exclusively for lazy people because the gym; if you walk from the dorms; is just five minutes away).
  • The parking lot for each hall is just right next to each other, so you don't have to park far away and then walk to your dorm.
  • We have monthly activities that our residential assistant prepare for us which usually involves food, movies, or games.
  • It is always easy and safe to walk home after a late night study session in the library. I'm the kind of person that the librarian has to kick out when they are about to close usually at midnight and I feel really safe walking back home. I've been on campus for three years, and my first year I got a pepper spray and I've never used it.
  • I'm always one of the first people to know what's going on around campus.
     4. Professor are always welling to help. They have office hour that you could go to if you need help with anything, but could also set up appointments if you can make it at any of those times. The majority of professor on campus records the lectures and post them on canvas so you could back later and watch the lecture again, or just in case if you miss class you don't miss the materials. Some of the professors also have undergraduate students teaching SI (Supplemental instruction), so if you didn't understand the material in class you can go to this SI and get more explanation about the materials.  I love that professors really care about the students.
     5. I'm fascinated by how much the students support sports on campus. Literally everyone goes to the games, so if you miss a game you better watch the news or read the news paper because everyone will be talking about the game the next day.

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