Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter is back and so is Skiing

School is back and winter is here. What best to do than to spend time on the mountains that are covered with a fluffy layer of fresh snow with your legs mounted to one of man's greatest inventions - skis! We all find ways to de-stress, as for me, I love the feel of cool breeze through my hair and the thrill of effortless speed down the mountains. The following picture was taken with some of my close buddies at a local ski resort located on Beaver Mountain just 30 minute drive through the beautiful Logan canyon from campus. I am also taking a ski class this semester just to dedicate a few hours of the week to myself and forget about the textbooks and assignments. Yes, you can take a ski class (just for fun) and it counts for credits. Better yet, it's for a really good deal simply because you are a student!

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