A day in the life of Kate the great

Hey everyone! Today I will be talking about my everyday life in Logan! If you guys are wondering where my title came from... well it came from my advisor Ben ( he loves to call me Kate the great), but that's an other story. Lets focus on my wonderful day! Well my day starts at Richards Hall in my beautiful little apartment. I wake up usually at nine thirty, get ready, and have breakfast (the most important meal of the day). After I grab my big white coat, I walk to Microbiology class. Since I'm right on campus it only takes me five minutes to get to my class, after class I go to my lab which is right upstairs in the same building ( This is my favorite part of the day because I get to work with bacteria which is just a small part of the things that I like to work with). After lab I go to the TSC (student center) where I always go to get lunch at the Marketplace the cafeteria.

By this time is already three in the afternoon, so I go to my office hour where I usually write this blog. It is so weird because I'm writing the blog right now, but it will be later when you guys read it! Anyways, after I'm done writing great stories for you my beautiful peeps I go to the physics tutoring lab to do homework and to study for my test because they have the book, the solution manuals, and tutors to help me out if I don't understand. After this I go to the library to do any other homework I have. If I have time after I go to the Aggie Recreation Center to exercise. Finally I go home Make dinner, and watch some T.V with my boyfriend.  Days can vary depending on my schedule, but this is my typical Tuesday schedule.

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