USU will always be a big part of my life

I am and will forever be grateful for the ample opportunities that Utah State University has provided me to excel not only in academics but in other aspects like leadership, service and involvement. I can’t emphasis enough how fortunate I am to have had scholarship throughout my 4 years in college. If you are an international student you know how important SCHOLARSHIP is. TRUE! USU doesn’t offer full scholarship for international students, however I was able to find other ways to get financial aid once I came to college simply by getting involved in clubs and organisations and holding leadership positions. I am not going to lie, being a full time student,working and fulfilling your leadership roles, can keep you busy and on your toes at all times. However, doing all that has helped me get out of my comfort zone and be confident. This is my last year and looking back, I know that my handwork has paid off.  

I would say USU is my favorite place simply because it’s the place where I learned and grew personally and professionally. Thanks to my mentors and friends at USU, I can say that I have made improvements in my personal life that is allowing me to become a better learner and a better version of myself.

Over all, I believe that USU has great faculty that is always willing to go above and beyond for you (the student) to succeed in everything that you do in and out of class. My professors have challenged me to achieve my full potential and to find the right direction in my career path. If you are seeking to become a better learner and a well rounded individual, I say you will love USU. 


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