GRADUATION !! Yes! It is that time of the year that every senior have been waiting for. This word comes with mix emotions, and I say mix emotion because this day it is so important not only for those who are graduating, but also for families and friends.

I want to dedicate this post to my international friends who I love dearly and are graduating this spring. I want to say how much I appreciate all of you, my experience wouldn't have been the same without you by my side. To my dear Henon Salomon, I want you to know how much I look up after you, you are a great friend and student. I admired how dedicated and caring you are. I always feel comfortable around you and I'm going to miss having you around . I know that I have only known you for a year, but to me you are like a sister. To my amazing friend Yuzhen Luo, you are the smartest and the funniest guy I know. I will miss picking on you, having you around and how easy is for you to forget where you park your car or where you left your phone. I will miss our rehearsal time and watching you dance better than me "like a girl" (Bryden's words).  To my awesome friend Bryden Yow, I will miss how great we got along, how you where always at the office because you had nothing else to do, how easy it was for me to talk to you and just talk about pretty much anything. To my Armenian friend Areg Haytayan, you are an amazing musician. It just melt my heart when I see you playing the violin, you are incredibly talented. 

To all of you, I wish you the best out there in this world of predators. Go and be the best version of you self, never give up on your dreams, and remember that this is only the beginning of your journey. Enjoy the path along because these are the memories that will stick with us for the long ride. It is great getting there, but I think that what make the ride more enjoyable are the friends that we make on the way and the adventures that we live.  I love you guys and I wish you the best of luck! 

Go Aggies!!


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