International Students - Useful Knowledge About Logan Utah

If you consider USU, be sure to be well equipped on knowledge and facts about the state of Utah. Indeed, you may be just here to pursue your degree but while you are here, you will live here; meaning what you eat, see, hear, and do will matters to your personal welfare and experience abroad. What I am about to share is solely based on my personal experience. Although it may not fully portray the lives of other international students in Utah, it does share a lot in common with other students.

USU is located in Logan - a small college town in northern Utah. By all means, Google or search "Logan Utah" on the internet and you'll get a better idea. If you grew up in a big city, Logan may be a shock to you at first glance. Do not expect skyscrapers, wide complex roads, flashing billboards, and congested traffic - there's only a main street and a beautiful USU campus.

Food wise, the local stores in Logan provide the basics but if you are looking for specific ingredients or foods native to your country, it can be challenging. However, Salt Lake City, the biggest city in Utah, is only 1h30m drive away. This is where you are more likely to find traditional and cultural related food, fashion, accessories, etc...

Utah is known for its outdoors. In warmer seasons, national parks are always a getaway destination. Camping and hiking among many others are also popular activities. In winter, skiing and snowboarding is definitely a sport that you should try. Utah hosted the winter Olympics in 2002, leaving some of the worlds top skiing resorts for the people to enjoy.

Religiously, Utah is heavily populated with the Latter Day Saints (LDS) or Mormons. To find out more about this religion, click here. The community is very welcoming, polite, and kind. Families are large; a married couple having ten children is no surprise. In general, Mormons are committed and live strictly by their religious codes.

Academic wise, Logan is probably one of the top and safest places to pursue an education. The crime rates are extremely low and your lifestyle can be as simple or as perplex as you prefer. It's yours to discover.


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