Leadership Opportunities at USU

If coming to study in the US is to obtain a degree and only a degree, then you might want to reconsider. As we embark on our education career, we learn and grow with everything and everyone around us. You can only learn so much by observing but you will learn a lot more if you do it. This is to encourage everyone to look beyond their majors, textbooks, and projects and engage in other opportunities around USU that will certainly be valuable experiences.

For example: I am a mechanical engineering major - ideally, I should have no life and study all day. That's not the case for me. Mechanical Engineering was my main focus, but I wanted more than just a degree from USU. I was passionate about people, activities, entertainment, culture, and learning so I started by joining different clubs on campus. Trust me, there's hundreds of clubs on campus varying from tennis clubs, to language clubs, multicultural clubs, and even gaming clubs. As for me, I started with multicultural clubs where I met my first batch of friends in a foreign country. These were some of the best moments during my college years and till this day, I remember them vividly. From the club, my social network only got bigger and bigger. Soon I was involved with international students and was advised to run for executive council (leadership positions). I won the elections and was part of a team of leaders. Soon after I became involved with the Ambassador program - another leadership opportunity. As you can see, the network and level of involvement just extends. When I graduate from USU, these leadership experiences and skills are more meaningful to me than a marketable piece of paper - a degree.

After all, college is just a point in time where we expose ourselves and make ourselves vulnerable to an academic environment. As young men and women, there's always something new to learn, improve, and perfect on. College offers an ocean of opportunities for you to craft and refine yourselves into a more educated, sophisticated, and appreciated individuals.


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