Opportunities around campus

Here at Utah State University we have a lot of opportunities for all of you to get involve. some of this opportunities are:
  1. USU sports club: this ones are under campus recreation.  http://www.usu.edu/campusrec/club_sports/club_sports here you will be able to  find intramural sports, club sports, outdoor programs, fitness programs, and aquatic programs. We have 14 club sports as if right now including baseball, men's soccer, swimming, hockey, rodeo, cycling and others.
  2. clubs and organization : Most of them can be found at http://www.usu.edu/ususa/clubsandorgs/  Here you will be able to find the departmental clubs, and after selecting the college of you preference you can view all the club under it. In this page you will be able to pre-view the club or sing up for it.
  3. International Student Council: International Student Council is a student organization that is made up of    student representatives from different countries at Utah State University.  The main purpose of ISC is to unite all the international students at USU,  provide services for them, and promote cultural diversity, interests and  welfare of International Students. In this link http://www.usu.edu/isc/ you can find more about this organization.
  4. International Ambassador: To me this is one of the greatest opportunity that an international student can be offer, it will help develop your leadership skills and communication skills.
  5. Service center: https://www.usu.edu/servicecenter/htm/calendar FOR THE ONES THAT LOVE TO VOLUNTEER LIKE ME HERE IS OUR SERVICE CENTER PAGE FOR MORE INFO ON WHAT THEI DO.
  6. A-team:A-Team members are the facilitators of campus orientation programs, including SOAR and University Connections. They continue a Peer Mentor relationship with a small amount of students throughout their entire freshman year. http://www.usu.edu/soar/join/
  7. USUSA: Student body officers represent the student voice in the discussions and decisions that shape all aspects of Aggie life, both academically and socially. Members of the executive council and college senate not only get great experience and a killer line on a resume, but major stipends as well.
 International Student council                                              



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