Few days until graduation....

Every college student looks forward to the moment they graduate.  I will be graduating in less than a week and I am ECSTATIC! I will be honest with you, part of me is a little sad because this chapter of my life is coming to an end.  As I reflect on my college years, I think to myself how blessed I am to have gotten the opportunity to study at Utah State University and this is why:

Lifelong friendship  

USU has been home away from home. It has that “family- feel” to it where everyone is very caring and welcoming. Like every incoming freshman student, one of my biggest fears coming to college was not being able to make new friends, but I made friends easily at orientation my freshman year.  People are very friendly here at USU.  I met some of my greatest friends and mentors who supported throughout my undergrad.  

Leadership opportunities

Utah State provides many leadership opportunities for students. As for me, being a part of the Ambassador program has helped me gain leadership skill and experience working with people with different backgrounds. These skills are very essential not only in the academic world but also in the workplace. GET involved!

Academic opportunities

There are a variety of programs at USU.  I started off as a Public Health Education major. Just from taking classes that are outside of my degree program, I chose to add two minors, Biology and Sociology.  USU offers over 100 minors and having these options is definitely a plus for us students as it will further broaden our skill set. 

The list goes on and on.................. 


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