Hola!!!! How are you guys? It's me again! Anyways I wanted to share a little bit if what I did two weeks ago here at USU. As you can see in the first picture, this is our Football Stadium and this picture was taken during our first home game (Sept. 1st). Instead of watching the game I decided to volunteer as an usher. Do you guys want to know something funny? I actually work at the Football Stadium and my job is being an usher too. I thought it was quite interesting that I had to volunteer for my job position. Anyways, I had so much fun helping out because I got to meet a lot of great people who were also working with me. My job position was welcoming students and checking their ID's. When students started to coming, I was getting really nervous and scared because I knew that more students were about to come. To distract myself, I decided that I was going to count how many people I was going to check in but honestly I lost count around 20. I could not believe how many people actually showed up to our first home game. ( I should've know this!!!) The only bad thing about this is the weather. I arrived around 3:30 and the sun was out and shining! but around 7:00pm it was getting colder and windier. I wear contact lenses and every time there was wind, the wind also had dirt so the dirt would get in my eyes and I had to clean my eyes every 5-10 minutes. I am so glad that I had people next to me and around me because I was able to talk to them whenever I would get bored or there was nothing to do. I arrived at 3:30 and I left around 10:00pm. It was crazy!!! 

Tomorrow Friday the 16th, the USU football team will have another home game!!!! I am so excited for it.. and instead of volunteering, I will actually be working and getting paid ;)!!! (who does not love money??) specially since we are all broke college students... a little money won't hurt anybody. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my post today! and please remember that if you have any questions or concerns please comment below!


3 more things about me!!!

1. I was born in September 12th, 1997! (YES MY BIRTHDAY WAS 4 DAYS AGO!!!!!) 
2. I have a Husky dog and his name is Koby.
3. I can play the guitar. :) 


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