Thursday, September 8, 2016


Hey guys, I'm back!! For those of you who are new to our blog my name is Kateryne De La Rosa, but you can all call me Kate. I'm currently a international student at Utah State University, this year is my senior year as a Biochemistry student.

Originally I'm from Santiago, Dominican Republic. For those of you who done know where the D.R is... Well I can tell you that it is in the Caribbean, and trust me it is a paradise!
Nothing has change since I last wrote about myself, but that I got engaged this past summer to the most amazing guy on earth. we've been dating for almost three years and he finally pop the question! I know it is pretty exiting... and no, we don't have a date yet! First we want to be done with school, and then we will talk about it. As if for classes... Well they are already kicking my booty! I already have tons of homework, essays and test coming up, but this only means that this semester is going to go by fast. I still live on campus and I still have the same friends. Now I'm also more involve on campus. I'm the event coordinator for the Dominican Student Association, I'm part of the secretary sub-committee for the International Student Council, and I have a job!

This is it for now! I will be posting every Thursdays around 4pm, so stay tune because this semester is going to be the best of all! I mean I have to make it the best because it will be one of my last ones. Lets make it count! 


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