International Fall Social

Hey guys!!! Today I'm very exited because I will be telling you all about the international opening social!

This past Monday all the international students on campus got to take a break from classes and homework, and got the chance to share an entire afternoon together full of games and FOOD. If you wonder why the word "food" is capitalize its because we are "broke" college students, and if there is food  involved is an event that you wont want to miss.

One of the coolest thing about the event is that we got to meet the new international students on campus, and also we got to see old friends. The ISC and the Global Engagement department brought some awesome games to get to know everyone, where we had to interact with each other and ask question to find out things about everyone. The point of the game was to get the person to sign  in the fact that applied to them. The hardest part was to find someone that was born the same month as me.

There was also Aggie Ice-cream, and if you don't know what Aggie ice-cream is you have to come to Utah state to try it. It is the best Ice-cream in Utah. This ice-cream is made by student on campus and the best part is that we got to eat some for FREE. Also like I said before we had delicious FREE food! I know we all love FREE stuff. We had tacos, nachos, salsa, and all Mexican goodies from a very famous Mexican place here in Logan call Cafe Savor.


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