International Student Council

Being far from home is the hardest part about coming to college, specially for international students. But thanks to many people, from Utah State University, I don't remember my first time on campus as daunting or scary by any means. And the reason behind it is the great community of support we have at USU. One of them is the International Student Council.

2015/ 2016 International Student Council Members
From my first contact with the ISC I felt part of their family. And a couple months after I got to Logan, the ISC had an election to vote for new members. Rob, the council's advisor and immigration advisor, encouraged me to run. Even though I was just a freshman at USU, I had this amazing opportunity to have my voice heard on campus and to help other international students. My case is not unique, there are many other international freshman students that have opportunities to get involved on campus in many different ways. 

Today, I am still part of the ISC and I love it. We put together many events and trips. Every year we have Mr. and Miss International, where students with a diverse background come on stage and demonstrate their personal talents. Other events are International Banquet, Global Picnic, Ski Trip, hikes, and many others.

Here is some more pictures of the International Student Council's events:

Mr and Miss International

Day on the Quad

Wind Caves Hike

Homecoming Week - Paint the street
Comment below if you have any questions about how you can get involved on campus!


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