Jobs for International Students!!

Hello!, it's me... I was wondering if after all this years ajajaj JK!
Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a good week so far... I've been so busy lately that I don't even have time to eat or rest!!! (crazy huh?) Anyways, enough of my problems... Today I want to share to you guys about something very important!! JOBS! As international students we have the opportunity to get a job!! Getting a job it's an amazing opportunity for you because you get to learn skills that will help you in your future jobs, as well as you get paid!! Dah!
As I mentioned on my last post, I am currently working as a Guest Services representative and as a Spanish Teacher Assistant. I love both of my jobs because I get to do two complex different things and learn a lot of skills that I know will be helpful in the future.
If you are thinking on getting a job you must do the following.....
* Go to (click on Student/Alumni)
* Then log in by using your A#
* Click on "jobs and internships" and then select whatever option is best for you.
(On campus full time or On campus variable hours)
* Submit all the documents that you are required to submit. (Resume, cover letters, reference letters, etc)

Guys, it is really really really important that you get an ON CAMPUS JOB!!! As international students we are ONLY allowed to work ON CAMPUS!!!!

Once you have been accepted for a job... you will have to get a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. I know guys it's crazy... Eventhhough we have a SSN we are still ONLY allowed to work ON CAMPUS.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!

3 more things about me..

1. I am a perfectionist
2. I love to sleep A LOOOOOOT
3. I have a cute/handsome boyfriend ;)


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