Korean Student Council Opening Social

   Hello ! It's me. I will post something fun that I had this week. I am currently serving as a Korean student council vice president and we had a opening social event last week! We thought of many ways to hold it. And came up with the idea that having Korean foods and doing some social activities would be great. It was the first time that we got to see many of new Korean students on campus. It was so much fun to meet those new students and had a really great time. We had to do barbeque and many other outdoor activities, so we held at a park off campus.

   The hardest part for international students is that they have a lot of things to go through by themselves. By playing games and having great time together, we got to know each other well and helped out the part that we could. There were actually some students that really needed a place to get to know people from Korea for help and it worked really well. It was one of the reason and the most meaningful aspect of this event.

   There are a lot of other international country student council and it is open to all the international students in USU!


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