Outdoor Aggie Life

This is me during the week
This is me during the weekend

On the picture to the left I am coding, on the right I am mountain biking in Moab, UT. That's my life at Utah State University. During the week I go to class, do my homework, get one-to-one help from my professors, and do my ambassador duties. But doing the weekend I try to explore the surrounding areas. Withing 5 minutes from the Logan Campus, there are many outdoor options; like Green Canyon for camping, Logan Canyon for rock climbing, first Dam for water activities. If you have more than an hour you can go skiing at Beaver mountain or Cherry Peak, or paddle boarding and cliff jumping at Porcupine Dam. And if you have a whole weekend you can explore Utah, home of Zions National Park, and Arches National Park.

Last weekend of Summer I went to Park City, a big skiing town. But in the Summer they still have lots of activities happening. I went to the Utah Olympic Park to climb and slip and slide for a day. 

I am on the right climbing at the Olympic Park

And last weekend I went to Moab, a city 5 hours away. Moab is known for rafting in the Colorado River, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking the Arches National Park. During one weekend I had the chance to do 3 of these activities. 

Paddle boarding Colorado River

There are many outdoor activities within hours of USU. Come explore!! 


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