Why I love Utah State

Hey guys, today I am going to talk about why I like Utah State.
There are so many different aspects and reasons for it. The very first thing that I loved was the programs that we have. It is organized, formed so well that I had satisfaction throughout almost every classes that I had. Especially for my major( Aviation Maintenance) , it provides me with a great opportunity to work on new and fun stuffs everytime. The professors were really nice and the chance to develop in one's academic field is fantastic over here in Utah State.

Personally, I also thought that the unity of the school is really good. Students on campus have  a lot of opportunities to work with each other and spend time with one another. I believe that it is possible because a lot of students live on campus and our college is holding many events that students can participate in. It is really holding students to become a true aggie on campus.

And I love the weather here! When I was back in Korea, it was so hot in summer and that it was so hard to go around during those days. But here in Utah, the weather fits for me. It is true that the sun is really blazing during summer days, but the humidity is so low that when you go to a shade, it is as cool as spring. And also, I love cold weather. Winter is my favorite and it snows a lot and has tons of winter activties to do. It snows a lot to so I can have so much fun with my friends just here in campus too.

There are so many more other reasons, but these are the favorite among those!!


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