Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Aircraft Maintenance at USU

Hi all, I will talk about a academic program at Utah State University.

Utah State provides many academic opportunities to students. There are so many that I want to introduce. But today I am going to introduce about the 'aircraft maintenance' program which I am majoring in right now. I have started the program last year and it has been year and a half since I started it. Most of our classes are held on campus at  Technology building where it has all the planes and laboratory materials that students can work on. The lab fee and everything is included in the tuition fee, so we do not have to worry about it. But there are sometimes certain tools or other materials that you might have to get for yourself.

Sometimes there are times that we go to Logan airport for other works that are limited on campus. We get to practice on bigger, new planes that we did not have chance to work on. And one of the best experience that I had over at airport was the helicopter ride that we had. I have gone on many fixed wing airplanes, but it was my first time to have experience on a helicopter. It was really new and got to feel a different aspect that not all flying objects(?) are same.

Other than that, there are still a lot more nice and meaningful activities that you can enjoy! If you are interested in aircrafts, it is a great opportunity to study maintenance program at USU.

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