Thursday, October 6, 2016

Ambassador Program

Hello! I'm back!

So as you all probably already know, I'm an ambassador for Utah State University. Okey so now you probably are wondering, what do you do as an ambassador? Well, Since I'm an international ambassador, I  get to write in this beautiful blog every week. I give tours for people who come to our school and want to learn more about it. I also do high-school and college visits, this is usually where we come to you so we can answer all your questions. I also go to open houses which is an opportunity for students that are interested in Utah State University to experience and learn more about us. I have to go to meetings, and also to a leadership class. I also have office Hours which is what I'm doing right now! BUT BEING AN AMBASSADOR IS NOT ONLY ABOUT WORK, WE ALSO HAVE FUN.

I love that we get to go and do service projects, we have fun events like Halloween party, Valentines day, International Banquet, leadership bowl and others. We go to the football games together, sometimes we clean the stadium after the game and we also get to clean the spectrum after the basketball games. We are a family.  

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