Sunday, October 2, 2016

boring weekend? = hiking :)

Hola <3 

I want to tell you guys what I did this weekend but before I get started I want to share what I did this past week. I think that this past week was one of the busiest weeks for me. I was REALLY REALLY REALLY busy. To begin.. I had two give two tours, attend a college, and 3 exams. I was really stressed out to the point that I started getting irritated and mad at others. Anyways, on Saturday I decided that I wanted to let all my stress out by doing something different and that I like! Most of my friends and I decided to go hiking to Crimson Trial (near the 2nd dam, 4 miles hike). We started around 4:30 and finished around 7:30. I needed something different and going hiking was a really good way for me to end my weekend. I haven't been working out ... so as you all know... I woke up pretty sore today! aahahahha :) totally worth it though. 

I hope that all of you had a good weekend! Remember if you have any questions please let me know or comment below :) 

3 more things about me...

1. I wear glasses/contacts
2. I LOVE HOT SAUCE (mexican hot sauce) 
3. I am a perfectionist and love to clean :) 

                                           (my cute boyfriend, btw)

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