Monday, October 17, 2016

Desert Night

Last week was our diversity week, here at Utah State.  My favorite activity of the week is usually desert night which is a night where all the diversity clubs at the school  prepare for us delicious deserts from around the globe. The event was held at the ballroom which is a pretty big room, and it was about full. This year we have clubs like the Dominican Student Association, Indian Student Association, Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, an others participate in the event. Some of the deserts that you could find at the desert night were Churros a typical desert from mexico, Bread pudding a typical plate from the Dominican Republic, Banana pudding typical of the African-American culture, and others. 

Besides all the delicious food, we also had amazing performances from the different club, most of them danced other sang, or play the instrument. Each performance was full of energy and  charisma. I'm very sure that everyone who came to watch the show had an amazing time, and those that did probably wish they had.  

Go Aggies!!

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