Sunday, October 16, 2016


Holaaaaa! It's me Andrea from the block again! I hope everyone had a good weekend because I definitely did!!! Guys, I think that I am a koala... I could sleep for many hours non-stop and even if I wake up it is so easily for me to go back to sleep. SKILLS RIGHT? Anyways I wanted to talk to you guys about what I did this week. This past week was "DIVERSITY WEEK". So what exactly does that mean?? There was a lot of activities through out the week that were so much fun. Some of the activities were; Talent Show, International Dessert Night, Diversity Dance Party, etc.
I am a part of the International Student Council as a member of the President's Subcommittee Council. They needed dancers to perform during this week.. and everyone knows that I am the best dancer out there in the world so of course I had to participate so everyone could see my skills. JK, I am not a great dancer but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something different that I have never done before at USU.

I had so much fun!!!! I would definitely participate again :) ... below are some pictures... and also a video of our dance :) I hope you guys enjoy it!!!!


***3 more things about me:
1. I am a fast typer. 
2. I am very good with Spanish grammar. 
3. Spirit Animal ... Zebra, koala, bear :) 

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