Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Engineering activities

Being an engineering major, I am bias to say that I love the engineering department at Utah State University. Apart from the great program, there are activities all year long put together by the engineering department but anyone can join.
Last week we had a week where a former student at USU, that currently works at Google, was giving multiple talks and tips on how to get a job at Google. 
Here are some of the events that happened that week:

Also two weeks ago we had the engineering opening social. Many engineering clubs were there with booths, along with free food, drinks, and inflatables. At this event I stopped by to talk to one of the booths and ended up getting a research opportunity; now I help build drones and airplanes!!

This week the Computer Science and College of Engineering are putting together HackUState. This is where students and employers come together at Utah State University to create the future of tech in Utah. Basically, 36 hours of programming, candy, food, energy drinks, and fun!! Last year I was only going for a couple hours but ended up staying and playing with an Oculus Rift for 24 hours.

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