Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Enjoying outdoors at USU

Hi all, I will be sharing some outdoor experiences that I have enjoyed attending USU!

Utah is actually so well advanced in nature that there are so many outdoor activities that you can enjoy. But unfortunately I am not really a wild life prefered person that there are som limits in my activities. Still, there are so many things to do for me and there were so much that I enjoyed.
Among many of the outdoor life here, I believe that skiing is one of the best. The snow is so nice over here and there are so many places to ski not far from USU. And also, the price is not really a burden that I get to enjoy it frenquently. When I was back in Korea, ski resorts were all far from Seoul and cost was pretty demending that I did not really have many chances to enjoy it, even though I loved it. But here in Utah it is cheap, close and even better that there is no reason to not enjoy it.
I usually rent ski from school or other places, hop it into my friends truck and go for it.
The other outdoor place that I really like is first and second dam. These are dams on the way to Bear Lake. It is only 5 minutese from school to the first dam and about 15 minutes to second dam. It has got great lake in the middle and places to barbeque right around it. The first dam is the best place to hold barbeque with a lot of people. It has large sitting place and quite surrounding. So Korean Student Council  hold a big barbeque over there to greet new students every year. Even if you are not having a barbeque, it is really great to just walk around seeing the view and relax. I sometimes drive down to second dam with my friends to get the stress out during exam weeks. Feels peaceful and calm over there. Love both places !

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