Monday, October 24, 2016


Helloooooo guys! It's me Andrea from the block again <3

How are you all? I hope that all of you guys had a good weekend because I definitely did!!!! This weekend we had our Fall Break, which is basically one day off from school. WOHOO!! I noticed that every time Fall Break approaches most of the teachers just cancel their classes because they know that the majority of their students are not going to show up. This is really funny because during the Spanish class that I am a TA for, 5 minutes before the class ended, the teacher asked all of his students... "Guys, I want you all to be honest with me and tell me who is thinking of showing up next class. It's ok if none of you show up because I can just cancel class". No one raised their hand and so the teacher decided to cancel class. I was so happy because it was an 8:30 AM class and seriously guys..... you all know me by know... I love to sleep so I was so happy that I had the chance to sleep for a little longer.

My weekend was not that exciting... I was sleeping the whole break. Seriously. Once you guys go to college you guys will be very busy. I am not trying to scare you all but you really get very busy. In order for me to have everything set up, appointments scheduled and my thoughts written down... I use a little red book that goes with me everywhere. It is basically like putting my appointments down on my iPhone but the thing is... I always loose my phone or drop it... and it won't work.... and with my book, I always have it in my backpack, clean and ready to be used. I would like to give you all an advice once you go to college..... You will for sure get very busy and in order to get your "college life" together I would recommend for all of you to get a planner book or just a normal book so you can write down all of the things that you have to do.

**3 more things about me:

1. I can sing ( but I am too shy to do it in front of people )
2. I always wear my Birkenstocks... (sandals)
3. I love Dominos Chocolate Lava Cakes <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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