Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I know I mentioned hackUState last post, but this is a full post about because I just loved it so much. For starters this was the schedule:

Friday, October 7th
9:00am - Registration
10:30am - Opening Ceremony
1:00pm - Lunch
6:00pm - Dinner
9:00pm - Mini-Event
12:00am - Aggie Ice Cream
Saturday, October 8th
8:00am - Breakfast
9:00am - Workshop
11:00am - Mini-Event
1:00pm - Lunch
6:00pm - Dinner
8:00pm - Closing Ceremony

HackUState in one picture

I got there on Friday at 10:30AM, and went home on Saturday 9:30PM. Basically, it was 36 hours of programming, free food, free swag, new friends, games, and video games.
The hackathon was sponsored by Major League Hacking, so it had a bunch of companies sponsoring and giving out prizes. MLH also has a hardware lab in every hackathon, at their booth you can check out Alienware computers, Oculus Rifts, Arduinos, and many other cool hardware.
Through the night there are mini games, like cup staking, code in the dark, and trying to break into fake websites MLH made. For the cup staking I won, and got a $60 gift card to Amazon. The companies also give out a bunch of swag like T-shirts, silly putty, universal chargers, and many other prizes.
Apart from all the fun, there is also competition for the best "hack." At 6:00PM the judges started walking around seeing the project from over 200 students, as they came to my table I had to demo my project and explain what I did.

This was me demoing my "Light a Trip" project. I used one of the company's API, an Arduino UNO, and bananas for the stand! After the judges see everyone's project, the organizers start the closing ceremony. At the closing ceremony they give out more raffle prizes, and announce the top 3 "hackers" to come on stage and demonstrate their project to everyone.

woot woot! Top three!!
  I came on stage and explained my project to everyone, I don't remember much because by then I had been awake for almost 40 hours! For the finalists they had a bunch of awesome prizes, including an HP laptop, $1000, pebble watch, a sphero, and other things. I ended up getting second place, and when they called me on stage I was so surprise/tired that my friends had to tell me, "it's you, go!!" until I realized they called my name...haha

I walked away from the hackathon with a pebble watch, 2nd place medal, and a smile!
Comment below if you want more information about the hackUState or my project!
Keep hacking everyone!!

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