Monday, October 17, 2016

International High School Visit

Hi, it almost reached half of the semister since school started and there are so much going on in the university. There are so many things to talk about, but today I will talk about the first high school visit that I had. It was AISU  (American International School of Utah ) down at Murray. At first, it was really confusing and did not know what my role over there is because it was my first time. The school looked kind of unique when I first saw it. It was a large hall looking space with studying areas in the middle. They said that it was a type of arcade center at first but changed to school. The class that we were assigned to was a small class of 15 international students. When we first went in, the kids looked at us as if they had no clue why we came there. But we started to do our presentation and they participated pretty well. We got some questions and feedbacks and it was a really good opportunity to introduce throughly about Utah State. We sucessfully ended our presentation and after that I met a Korean girl had a lot of questions about Utah State. She did not talk during class but after that, she asked all of her questions afterwords in Korean to me. She was wondering about the Vet program in Utah State and tried to apply for it. But did not really know the way for it. It was a great pleasure to introduce our school to others, but it was a greater pressure to help someone in United States in Korean. Felt great that I could really help someone out and provide information about my school.

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