Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Aggie Tradition

Becoming a "TRUE AGGIE" at Utah State University is a tradition that has been around for a really long time. 

It started back in the 1960's when two students that came from Salt lake city, who were never allow to have a club back in their high school, created a club name the "Be No Club." To be part of the club a young man had to take a willing young lady to the top of the old main tower, and kiss her at mid-night in a full moon. The club got so popular as the years pass that the fire department worry that it could become a fire-hazard. The school to avoid the danger that this could cost, decided to  constructed an "A" at the front of old main building for this purpose. Now it has become a tradition and over thousand of students become a true Aggie every year.

To become a ''TRUE AGGIE" you have to be kiss by a student who is already a true Aggie, or you can kiss anyone you like but it has to be at homecoming week or A-day.

I became a true Aggie with my boyfriend about a year ago, we have been dating for three years and recently got engaged!

Also lots of students alumni come back after college to become true Aggie with their spouse, we have old couples that come back to re-live the moment, and sometimes we have proposals too!

 Make sure that when you come to campus! you join us an become a TRUE AGGIE! 

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