Sunday, October 30, 2016


HOLAAAAAAAAAA FRIENDS!!!! How are you all? I am doing pretty good... but a little sad because tomorrow I have school again. I don't know if its just me.. but the weekend goes by so fast and the week days go by really slow. Anyways, this weekend was so much fun because there were a lot of things going on, on and off campus. For instance, have you guys heard of "The Howl"??? The Howl is one of the biggest Halloween events at USU. It usually starts around 8:00 PM and gets done around 1:30 AM. Usually the tickets are around $10-15 dollars (for students) and $20-$25 for non-students. This year the tickets got sold out early!!! So I was unable to get my ticket but a lot of my friends did go to The Howl.

Before I continue, I want to ask you all... how much would you pay for a ticket that usually costs around $10-15???? Because this is the biggest event at USU, tickets get sold out pretty fast so its harder to get a ticket once they have sold out... but people that for some reason can't go to and have a ticket sell, take that opportunity and sell their tickets for a higher price. I was trying to purchase a ticket (from other students) and they were selling their tickets for $40, $50, $80 and even $100!!!!!!! Can you all believe that!!!!! A lot of people get crazy during this even and they buy the $80 ticket because they want to have fun... crazy right???? I was bummed that I couldn't go to The Howl but I was not going to buy a $50 ticket just for one night.

 The friends that I told you about earlier that were able to go to this event said that they had a lot of fun. There was good music, shows and a lot of good costumes. My friends were going as Native Americans, skeletons, Hercules, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, penguin, monkey, etc.

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