Thursday, October 20, 2016

USU Eastern Lite Brite

USU eastern is one of the Utah State campuses located in price, Utah. Many don't know much about this place because is just staring to grow as became part of Utah State not long ago. Price was the first Utah State campus that I ever went to. I was there for a year and one semester and after I transfer to the main campus up here in Logan. It was definitely a great experience because I had the opportunity to go to a smaller campus where I made lots of friends and met my fiancee . My favorite part about campus was how close to home it felt. The people from price are very warm and welcoming, the teachers are truly there for you and they care about your education because they know you very well since the class size is fairly small. I love the Logan campus, but price will always be my first home. 

There is something that people that go to the Eastern campus like to say: "you cry once you come to price, and you cry twice as hard when you leave" I never though that this could be true until I had to go, and leave everything behind. Know I just have the good memories form when I was there. 

Now that I have introduce the campus, I can talk about the "Lite Brite Dance" event. Last Friday me and a couple of friends from he Logan campus when to price for the Lite Brite dance. We left at about ten thirty a.m from here and got there about two fifteen p.m, it is about three hours drive, but of course we stop to eat on our way there. Props to my friends for introducing me to Chick-fill-A which is a fast food chicken restaurant here in Utah.  The first thing we did when we got there was to visit the cosmetology department, where we got pampered by everyone, and got our hair and nails done. I got to get a pedicure and it was so well done. The facility was so nice, clean, and organize. It was a place where I could relax, and spend a great time with my friends. They all got manicures, hair treatment, and others. The people in-charge where very nice to us and very attentive. they made sure we have snacks while we were there, and at the end we got party favors. 

Later in the day my friends when to the Price Museum, and got a tour of the campus while I had to stay and take a test online. For those of you still wondering, yes, they have a museum.  Later that night we went to wingers one of my favorite restaurants in price. After we got ready to go to the dance! We all wore whit because the hole purpose of the dance is to get sprinkle with neon bright paint. They have an amazing DJ that plays really good music all night long, Sprinklers spraying neon paint from the ceiling to the tune of the music. At the end of the night we got some towels provided by the school to dry up and just came back home. It was so much fun to go back to price and be part of the event just like I did the years before.

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