Tuesday, October 25, 2016

USU Eastern

Utah State University has 33 campuses and sites in Utah, so USU students can get an education wherever they want. Here is map of USU campuses across Utah:

Logan, up North, is the main campus and along with Price and Blanding, it is a residential campus. Most of the smaller campus' classes are broadcasted which means the site where the professor is have a state of the art broadcast system, with cameras that follow the professor around and table-top microphones for the students to ask questions. USU Online ranks #13 in the Nation (U.S. News & Worlds Report, 2015.)

Last weekend in Price (USU Eastern), they had a huge bash for students, the lite brite tradition. Lite Brite is one of the biggest traditions here at Eastern! It's a dance where florescent paint falls from the sky and you can feel the music. 

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