Sunday, November 6, 2016



How is everyone doing?? I am doing great... a litltle stressed out because of all the homework I have to do but so far so good... I wanted to tell you all about my weekend.. All I did was sleep... I don't think you guys are surprised anymore.. Anyways.. this weekend there was a Dodgeball Tournament and I was going to participate but I decided to sleep in more....(lazy) A lot of my friends had a lot of fun and our team did not win the tournament BUT we won the Sportsmanship/Spirit Award. :)

I woke up and I saw 72 group messages on my whatsapp and most of them were videos and texts from the my team. I am telling you guys about this activity because I wanted to let you all know that there will be times that you are really bored or you know that you won't be doing anything on your weekend ... that USU is the solution for this... USU offers a lot of activities during the weekend that you can join so therefore you will never be bored. Joining this activities is a great opportunity for you to make new friends and be SOCIAL :)

Below are some videos of our team playing... HAVE FUN WATCHING THEM


** 3 more things about me...
1. I love to get manicures <3
2. Love when people touch my hair and play with it

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